Q: Favourite Bb. product?
A: Hands down Dry Spun Finish!!! Fab-u-lous.

Q: Favourite Kerastase product?
A: Nectar Thermique.

Q: What band are you loving right now?
A: Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Grace Potter and the Naturals.

Q: Favorite Accessory?
A: Necklaces and Earrings.

Q: Worst hair incident (on yourself)?
A: I was showing my sister how to texturize on my hair and accidently (of course) took a huge chunk out of the back of my head.

Q: Why do you love your job?
A: I love making people feel beautiful. We are all beautiful but to actually feel it is amazing.

Q: Favorite season?
A: I love change so my favorite is when the seasons change. I love them all!!

Q: Favorite place you have travelled to?
A: Costa Rica. I backpacked there for 20 days and it was unreal!!