Q: Favourite Bumble product?
A: I can’t live without Thickening Hairspray! I use it every time I blow dry!

Q: Favourite Kerastase Product?
A: Nectar thermique, I blow dry my hair a lot and this keeps my ends moisturized and protected.

Q: Pick 3 dinner party guests.
A: Margaret Atwood, Kanye West and Annie Lennox

Q: Worst hair incident (on yourself)?
A: It was more of an ongoing tragedy, I rocked a bowl cut for all of my childhood.

Q: Favourite place you have traveled?
A: Backwoods camping near Banff, AB, swam in glacier pools!

Q: What is something you can’t live without?
A: A giant duvet for my bed, I’m ALWAYS cold.

Q: Favourite Drink?
A: The driest white wine I can find!

Q: Prized Possession?
A: My library!