Q: Favorite Bb. product?
A: I cannot live without prep and thickening hairspray, and I could BARELY live without Spray de Mode. Oh, and Surf Spray!!

Q: Favorite Kerastase Product?
A: The Discipline sulfate free shampoo and masque are amazing, as well as the boucles d’art when I rock my curls.

Q: Favorite Fashion Item?
A: I am loving everything that’s coming back from the 90’s era. Plaid shirts, oversized tee’s, bring back the grunge!!!

Q: Worst hair incident (on yourself)?
A: I tried to bleach my own hair… From a box…. So much yellow…. So patchy…. So bad….

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment?
A: Being a momma to two of the cutest, craziest, sweetest boys I could have asked for!!!

Q: Favourite thing about the industry?
A: It’s constantly evolving, there are so many aspects, and there is ALWAYS something to learn.

Q: Favourite era in hairdressing?
A: I love the glamour and finger waves from the 40’s, beautiful!!!

Q: Favourite drink?
A: Mojito or beer in the summer and red wine in the winter.